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Age of Night, Volume Two: Love and Loyalty will be releasing soon! Stay tuned for updates as I hurry to get the final pieces put in place and the next volume of Age of Night sent off to print! Volume two will include Interlude One through Chapter 14 (all available here on the website!) as well as bonus material not found online or anywhere else. Can’t wait to get this out to you guys as soon as possible!

Bangor Comic & Toy Con Next Weekend!


Hey there everybody! Next weekend (April 24th-26th) Age of Night will be at Bangor Comic & Toy Con in Bangor, Maine. If you’re in the area you should come check it out – the organizers have a weekend packed with guests and events and there will be plenty of us artists selling our wares, too! I’ll have copies of Age of Night: Volume One for sale, along with other mini comics and prints. Hope to see you there!

Also, there will be no update next week as I work on preparing another special announcement. Hold tight, regular page updates will resume shortly. As always, thanks for reading!

Portland Comic Expo this weekend!

Hey there folks! This Sunday (October 26th) Age of Night will be the Portland Comic Expo! Come find us at table #59.  We will have copies of Age of Night: Volume One, along with lots of other goodies. You can learn more about the con at http://www.portlandcomicexpo.com/  Hope to see you there!


Some Concept Work



Today for ‪#‎inktober‬ I did some concept work for Age of Night. This is a mage of the Yellow Order. The Yellow Order is the muscle for the Mages’ Guild. They use combat training and weapons of topaz to channel physical force magically and inflict greater damage than humans would otherwise be able to. Since they are most often employed in armed conflict, their mages’ cloaks are cut with shorter sleeves and hem and a split back. The cloak is worn over a breastplate, and Yellow Mages typically also wear a helmet, gauntlets, greaves, and either leather or quilted pants for additional protection. You’ll be seeing these guys show up in the story soon!

BangPop! Comic Con this weekend

Hey there folks, we’ll be exhibiting at BangPop! Comic Con this weekend in Bangor, Maine.  You can stop by, chat, buy some artwork, and pick up a copy of Age of Night: Volume One.  Check out BangPop!’s website for all the details: http://www.bangpopmaine.com/  Can’t wait to see you there!

And we’re back!

Welcome back for our first update in a long time.  We’ll be updating weekly (Wednesdays) for the foreseeable future.  Thanks to all who have stuck with us and welcome to any new readers – we’ve got a ton of pages in the archive to catch up on and the story is moving forward.  Glad to have you along for the journey.

The Archives are now complete

We’ve finally rebuilt the archives, including a previously unpublished comic: Page 27 (the final page) of Chapter 14.  We’re still ironing out a few of the kinks in the rebuilt website and since everything was put back up in a hurry there may be some missed pages, double-posted pages, and the like.  Let us know if you spot any by e-mailing ageofnight@gmail.com.

New pages begin tomorrow.

“Get up, we have somewhere to be…”


Coming Soon…



Almost time to wake up…

The Archives are Filling

The archives continue to grow as we transfer finished pages to the new website. We’ve added chapter 7, Interlude One and chapter 8. Continue to watch the heroes as they journey through the world.

As we finish uploading continue to look for new pages added to the comic. There may even be rumblings of another book being put into production. We shall see what the new year holds for our adventurers and Age of Night.